Sourcing can often be the difference between success and failure. Apex can vet your factories or you can choose from our network of proven vendors.

Over 75% of foreign companies outsourcing in Asia are unsatisfied with their production facilities. Whether the issue is quality, communication, timeliness, cost, or corruption, the end result is the same: an inefficient production process. Consequently, it is no surprise that companies venturing into Asia find their initial forays to be unprofitable due to the process of trial and error that accompanies such investments. Developing appropriate relationships with the right sources can significantly mitigate these risks.

Finding and Managing Sources:

While the traditional methods of finding vendors (ie. online channels, visiting the Canton Fair, etc.) do yield some leads, we employ a unique referral network that has consistently produced excellent results. We have found that honest, reliable vendors associate with other similarly trustworthy vendors. Our intimate cultural understanding allows us to create, manage, and tap this referral network for your benefit.

However, since not all clients need new vendors, we offer a variety of sourcing services:


For clients who have no current sources in China

we can connect you to facilities that have already proven themselves to us. Alternatively, we can vet sources that you have already identified.


For clients who already have vendors

we can help you optimize the relationship, thereby insuring that nothing gets lost in translation, that your costs are as low as possible, and that everything remains honest and transparent


For clients who already have their sources

A third option is a combination of the first two. For clients who already have their sources, we can optimize that relationship while looking for and vetting new vendors. This is actually the most common request as many of our clients already have established sources but are unsatisfied with them.

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