Finding the right vendor is the first step to good quality control; Apex then follows up with our own independent inspections to ensure your peace of mind.

Effectively converting the opportunities in Asia into profits back home requires a custom-tailored approach that takes into account your product, budgetary and timeline constraints, your target market, the levels of supervision and control you want over production, and other preferences that are unique to you and/or your business.

The Initial Production Check inspects the raw materials orders and confirms specifications, schedules, financing, and more. The IPC ensures that the production process will be launched in a timely and efficient manner with no surprises.

The During Production Check takes place when about 10% of the production is complete. Product quality, appearance, functionality, and other factors are examined to ensure that the product meets your specifications. By conducting the DUPRO early in the cycle, we can catch any problems quickly with minimal loss of time, money, and resources.

The Final Random Check ensures you peace of mind. Before your product is loaded into containers, we will inspect a sample of your products selected at random (the percentage will be dependent on the size and nature of the order as well as your preferences). The criteria by which we evaluate the sample is determined by you, but generally, we will test the build quality, functionality, and appearance of your product including packaging and labels. We will be in constant communication to ensure that final product is exactly what you expected.

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