Success in Asia requires the right contacts and the right relationship; Apex can help you develop and manage them. We offer comprehensive guidance:

Choosing Reliable Factories

Finding the right vendor is the first step to good quality control; Apex then follows up with our own independent inspections to
ensure your peace of mind.

Negotiating Terms &

The process of manufacturing in and exporting from Asia involves many elements. Together, we can craft a custom solution to achieve
your goals.


Take advantage of Apex's network of loaders, drivers, and shippers. We're with you.. Every step of the way.

We've Got Your Back

Apex has you covered.

Finding and Managing Sources

Our intimate cultural understanding allows us to create, manage, and tap this referral network for your benefit.

Sourcing Transport (Shipping)

We work intimately with both the vendors and the client’s designated shipping company to ensure that the product would be shipped correctly, timely and within the correct shipping windows.

We Offer a Variety of Sourcing Services

Since not all clients need new vendors, we offer a variety of sourcing services.

The APEX Advantage

The advantages of doing business in Asia are significant. Unfortunately, so are the risks. From products that are not up to spec to miscommunication to factory managers who appropriate your intellectual property, manufacturing in Asia is fraught with challenges.

Inspections and audits can mitigate some of these risks, but not all. That’s why Apex offers a comprehensive solution that revolves around relationships and personal service. We don’t merely provide inspections and audits; we can help you develop relationships of trust and respect with reliable factories; relationships that are critical for navigating the uncertain waters of Asia’s manufacturing landscape.

Apex is more than a service provider. We build and strengthen your relationship with your vendor; we travel worldwide to consult with you face-to-face; we conduct negotiations on your behalf.

Apex is your boutique consultant, partner, and representative.

We are your boots on the ground in Asia.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority

The Asia Pacific Exporting environment is littered with obstacles that can turn a good business strategy into a liability. Apex Top was registered in Hong Kong in 2009 by Asian Americans to serve as a bridge to the East.

We are intimately familiar with the local manufacturing scene as well as the customs, protocols, and expectations that are unique to Asia … while still maintaining our western values. Apex offers complete supply chain and logistical solutions from beginning to end. Our boutique approach is ideal for small to medium sized enterprises that want to focus on their own sales and revenue strategies rather than be distracted by supply chain issues.

What clients say

Whether You Are a Startup or Seasoned Entrepreneur — Apex Can Get You Results Like These….

Even with random inspections, we were getting burned by our Chinese vendors. Apex Top helped us find partners we could trust. Now, inspections are more of a formality rather than a frontline defense.

Patrick Tio - CEO of Nick and Mo

I don't have the time or the inclination to micro-manage the production and exporting process. Apex does it all for me so I can concentrate on running my business.

Cindy Deng - MD, Turn Inc.



Email Us

When you Email us we will ask you some pointed questions which will allow us to gain a better understanding about what your needs are and then based on your answers we will steer you in the right direction. This is what is the initial consultation.


We Email you back within 7 days…. after your initial Email to us.

After we have methodically looked through the details you shared with us during our first point of contact, we then call you back within seven days (Monday through Friday) or less to discuss the plan of action our team created for you to achieve your goals.


You tell us what direction you want to go. 

This phase is the part where we agree on a strategy that our team then implements from start to completion — All on your behalf.

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