About Us

Apex offers comprehensive
guidance: From choosing
reliable factories to
negotiating terms to
inspections and shipping.
Apex has you covered.

Our Services


Apex is one of the only QC companies that will also help you to source quality manufacturers. If you already have a vendor or a potential vendor, we will also vet them to confirm that they meet our internal standards as well.


A good relationship is the cornerstone of any successful China strategy. If you can’t trust the factory, then inspections are of limited value. As your agent, we build relationships with vendors so that problems are minimized and any issues that do arise can be troubleshooted quickly and cost-effectively.


Apex offers the full range of product inspections from Initial Production Check to During Production Check to Final Random Check to Container Loading Check. Audits – Auditing your factories ensures that their facilities are reliable, the management is trustworthy, the workforce is well-trained, and communication and workflow is efficient.


Apex provides door to door service that includes container loading supervision, shipping arrangements, and U.S. customs clearance.

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